Key Areas of Operation in Environmental Law

The law firm Délton Carvalho Environmental Law operates with the mission of integrating economic development with environmental compliance, while also promoting value to the strategies of environmental sustainability and legal certainty for economic activities, whether in the role of consultants, reviewing experts or representatives in court. We aim to meet the needs and interests of our clients by providing outstanding and differentiated legal support, while taking into account the specificities of environmental law and regulations.

With the development of legal solutions and the implementation of strategies for advisory or litigation defense services to meet the interests of our clients, we seek to integrate the standards of sustainability, compliance and environmental legal certainty necessary for companies operating in the many different segments of the Brazilian economy.

The services provided by the law firm Délton Carvalho Environmental Law and the specialties of its team allows them to get lawsuits across the entire area of Environmental Law, such as the ones detailed below:

  • Environmental Consultant
  • Prevention of Environmental Crimes
  • Future Environmental Damage
  • Civil Environmental Responsability
  • Environmental Risk