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Headquartered in Novo Hamburgo-RS, in the metropolitan region of Porto Alegre-RS, Délton Carvalho Environmental Law Firm operates throughout the country with a recognized and outstanding performance in the areas of preventive consultancy and assistance in legal and administrative proceedings.

The firm is characterized by its excellence in obtaining legal solutions by means of strategies aimed at ensuring the environmental compliance of business projects, as well as the preparation of highly technical and specialized legal defenses in the criminal, administrative and civil spheres.

With services rendered in areas as diverse as industry, infrastructure, mining, civil construction, agribusiness, waste disposal, among others, the firm stands out for its wealth of strategies to make economic development compatible with environmental standards while integrating sustainability and legal security, both through its preventive counseling services and in environmental and climate litigation.

Délton Carvalho | Environmental Legal Consulting

Recognitions in environmental law

In the prestigious Chambers and Partners, Latin America Guide, he was referred to by clients as a

“very strategic lawyer with great knowledge of environmental law” (CHAMBERS, 2018)


His commitment to clients and his quick response was highlighted in the Environment category of the 2020 Chambers Latin America Guide, as well as the diverse set of professional skills he brings to bear on a wide range of areas in environmental law.

The 2020 Latin America Guide also states that Délton Winter de Carvalho is “recognized for assisting companies with issues relating to waste disposal and contaminated areas, often acting on administrative proceedings before the relevant authorities. A client highlights his ‘strategic approach’, while another remarks: ‘My personal experience is that I forward my problem to him and he efficiently finds a solution for it’. He is also a prolific author in environmental law”.


The 2021 Chambers and Partners' Latin America Guide, states that “sources hold Délton Winter de Carvalho in high regard, with one describing him as 'collaborative and easy to communicate with', while another adds: ‘He is reliable and timely in his work, providing the best possible services’. Carvalho is experienced handling contentious matters related to licensing, waste contamination and environmental damages”.

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Délton Carvalho Environmental Law Firm aims to serve its clients in a specific and individualized manner in issues related to environmental law. The firm counts with highly qualified professionals, serving clients on the basis of in-depth studies of legal sources and theses, which are researched by our professionals in both Brazilian and international doctrine. To that end, and in keeping with our profile of providing personalized, highly specialized, and reliable legal assistance, our mission is to pursue the desired outcomes, deliver legal security, as well as ensure the legality and full compliance with environmental regulations for undertakings in various sectors of the Brazilian economy.


Our work is built upon the pillars of specialized environmental law advisory services, tailor-made services, strategic legal depth and professional ethics, in the pursuit of desired outcomes and assurance of legal security to sustainable economic activities. With exceptional creativity, and keeping up to date with developments in the field, such values permeate our daily work of mentoring and defending our clients' interests.

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