Environmental Consultant

How we operate in environmental legal consulting:

We offer environmental legal consulting services to help our clients identify the best way forward in specific situations, with a view to avoid litigation or sanctions of a legal-environmental nature. With this scope, we perform strategic legal work that combines legal security and sustainability. Within this scope of action, we devise juridical strategies that bring together legal security and sustainability. The consulting service to our clients involves developing risk scenarios of legal conflicts and presenting appropriate measures to prevent or mitigate them. Our environmental legal consulting services are customized, committed, specialized, and transparent, carried out with technical and strategic excellence, aiming to ensure a balance between development projects and environmental protection.

Legal opinions and studies

We prepare legal opinions and responses to legal consultations on any topic related to environmental law. To this end, we adopt in-depth research (both nationally and internationally) in order to propose innovative strategies and apply customized legal solutions.

Legal consulting in environmental licensing processes

We assess the legal implications and environmental feasibility of development projects and economic activities, while also following up on administrative proceedings with environmental agencies. Evaluating to what extent the requirements made by an environmental agency are legal, as well as the assessing the likelihood of challenging these requirements, is an important instrument to avoid unnecessary conflicts and their possible litigation, in addition to ensuring the timely completion and legal security of the undertakings. For licensing purposes, we also provide assistance in preparing Environmental Impact Studies (EIA) and Environmental Impact Reports (RIMA).

Legal consulting for environmental regularization

We develop strategies to make any necessary adjustments to business projects in a variety of areas, thus ensuring their conformity to regulatory and quality standards, as well as their environmental legality. In this regard, we can also highlight our strong performance in approaching relevant environmental agencies at any government level, aiming to secure a smoother processing of the licensing procedures in relation to their legal and juridical aspects. We also provide qualified legal consulting for negotiations involving Environmental Commitment Agreements (TCAs), as well as Conduct Adjustment Agreements (TACs), including following up on the fulfillment of conditions determined therein.

Environmental Compliance and Due Diligence

We develop environmental compliance and due diligence programs aimed at controlling, verifying and monitoring the environmental standards of business projects, providing them with the highest legal and environmental security. Compliance involves anticipating legal risk scenarios, focusing on necessary adjustments of business activities to legal-environmental regulations and standards so as to fully comply with environmental regularity and thus avoid civil, criminal and administrative liability. As for due diligence, we highlight our expressive performance in mergers and acquisitions of real estate properties with environmental liabilities, where we propose legal solutions aimed at achieving maximum environmental regularity. To this end, we conduct in-depth studies, analyses and evaluations regarding the environmental legal status of the involved real estate properties, then prepare thorough legal opinions about any existing environmental risks and opportunities.

Legal consulting in the development and implementation of public policies in the environmental area

We provide legal advice for public bodies in designing and implementing environmental policies, assessing the administrative and legal implications of urban development plans and zoning plans, for example, as well as drafts of municipal, state and federal legislation. We provide full assistance in designing and implementing public environmental policies from a legal perspective, outlining strategies according to their socio-environmental repercussions and the need to prepare and train executive agencies to enforce such policies.

Negotiation in environmental conflicts

In pursuit of speedy and cost-effective dispute resolutions, we work towards out-of-court settlements, seeking consensual solutions to conflicts involving environmental law. To that end, we proactively assist and conduct bilateral or multilateral negotiation procedures.

Drafting of contract clauses and contracts that involve environmental issues

We also work in preparing clauses or drafts of contracts involving environmental law, or the regular exploitation of mineral resources, providing advice at all stages from the initial negotiation to the preparation, review and eventual discussion of related issues. Our firm provides strategic consulting regarding the stipulation of clauses, the negotiation of guarantees, the analysis of penalties for non-compliance and the repercussions of contract termination, in addition to indicating practices that minimize the risk of environmental liabilities while the contract is being executed.

ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance)

Given the growing scarcity of natural resources on our planet, companies are being called upon to commit themselves to practices that are consistent with the premises of sustainable development. This is where ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) has emerged, which consists of combining three factors to measure the future performance of companies, namely: Environmental, Social and Governance. These factors are determining elements for the survival of institutions in the 21st century, which cannot be ignored by companies that aspire to lasting development.

As such, companies need to consider ESG in their business practices, which in turn calls for the evaluation of possible metrics to measure their compliance with the standards of corporate governance, environmental sustainability and social responsibility. To achieve this end, environmental factors (such as mitigating pollution and climate change effects), as well as social (such as protecting human rights and combating social injustice) and governance factors (such as making lasting investments that are profitable both in the short and the long term) are now used as guidelines for long-term economic development.

In this context, offering highly qualified legal advice is essential for the proper management of ESG-related risks. Based on our extensive experience and technical qualification, our firm is able to provide such advice to our clients, assisting in the development or execution of these parameters and metrics, based on a regulatory analysis of the ESG. As a result, we make it possible for our clients to take sound legal decisions, so as to ensure long-lasting development that adheres to environmental and social issues, coupled with transparent and responsible governance.

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