Environmental Litigation

How we act in environmental litigation:

The firm operates in judicial and administrative litigation, guided by the application of strategies prepared according to the singularities of each case. Our modus operandi consists in taking firm action and paying attention to every detail of the case, maximizing the chances of a successful outcome. Thus, any legal argumentation and persuasion attempt is preceded by a thorough documentary analysis of the environmental and scientific aspects that involve the case.

Administrative defense following infraction notices

We provide administrative defense against any environmental public agency at all administrative levels and in all federal units. Accordingly, our services range from defending the client before the competent environmental agency (such as IBAMA, ICMBio, FEPAM, SEMA, Environmental Military Police, etc.) to filing a lawsuit seeking the annulment of the infraction notice and administrative sanctions, when these are found to be illegal.

Preparation of lawsuits and defenses in environmental civil actions

The firm's work is distinguished by its broad experience, specialized knowledge, and strategic performance at a legal level. We act strategically in collective environmental lawsuits (public civil actions and class actions) or individual lawsuits. This ensures our full involvement in all cases, allowing us to draw accurate scenarios and devise appropriate strategies to suit specific situations.

Defense in environmental criminal cases

We provide legal defense in criminal cases involving environmental crimes. At the same time, we act preventively to avoid the risks of our clients committing what might come to be configured as environmental crimes. In cases subject to criminal liability we carry out a thorough analysis of the criminal accusation and the typification applied to the case, as well as a careful examination and legal translation of the expert evidence involved. Thus, we build consistent and technically grounded defenses, in order to fully guarantee our client’s right to be heard.

Follow-up of environmental investigations

We represent our clients in administrative and investigative proceedings, such as civil and criminal environmental investigations at the state and federal levels, seeking to reduce risks and avoid litigation in environmental matters. We protect our clients' interests based on best practices, as well as work to ensure their constitutional guarantees.

Oral presentation

As part of our specialized practice, we represent our clients in oral arguments before state and federal courts, as well as before higher courts. We also provide specific and isolated oral arguments in cases conducted by other law firms, thereby contributing to the respective lawsuits at decisive moments.

Legal action in environmental disasters

Disasters have a profound impact on society due to the damage they cause and the risks they represent. As such, they require anticipatory action or, when this is not possible, an efficient response by the competent entities. Situations derived from events with serious consequences demand highly specialized legal services so as to determine their inherent prevention, regularity, or responsibilities. In this sense, our practice includes a long track record of working with courts and administrations on matters related to prevention, response, compensation, and reconstruction in the face of environmental disasters, whether industrial (such as explosions, contamination, and fires) or natural (such as floods and landslides), ensuring highly specialized legal services in finding the best legal solutions according to the specificities of the situations.

Legal action in climate litigation

We are involved in lawsuits seeking to ensure the adoption of measures to mitigate, adapt to or compensate for the harmful effects of climate change, all of which are referred to as climate litigation. The number of legal disputes in this area has increased significantly in recent decades around the world, and this is no different in Brazil. With that purpose in mind, we work with a highly qualified team specializing in Climate Change Law, and have taken a relevant national and international role in the pursuit of consolidating a socioeconomic development grounded on climate sustainability, taking into account the limitations and evolving potential of the Brazilian legal system to adapt to the reality of climate change.

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