Key Areas of Operation in Environmental Law

Environmental Advocacy

Délton Carvalho Environmental Law Firm provides advisory services in environmental law, driven by the mission of integrating economic development with environmental legality, and by a targeted focus on the value of environmental sustainability strategies and legal security for economic activities, whether in the role of consultants, preparing legal opinions or acting as defense counsels. The firm strives to meet the needs and interests of its clients at all times, by offering outstanding and distinctive legal support, and taking into account the specificities of environmental law and regulations.

We develop legal solutions and strategies aimed at providing consulting assistance or legal defenses that serve the interest of our clients, always incorporating the standards of environmental sustainability, compliance and legal security required by business projects implemented in a wide range of economic segments in Brazil.

The services provided by Délton Carvalho Environmental Law Firm and the specializations of our team allow us to serve all areas of environmental law, as detailed below:

Areas of expertise in environmental law

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