Among all the areas of expertise, Delton Carvalho Environmental Law provides preventive environmental consultant services by looking at all possible law scenarios, including:

  • Follow-up of environmental licensing processes.
  • Legal advisory services for technical studies, such as environmental impact studies, environmental hazard assessments, geotechnical risk maps, contingency plans, etc.
  • Analysis and advice in preparing city building codes and ordinances relating to environmental, urban planning and disaster prevention regulation (natural or industrial accidents).
  • Analysis and legal advisory services in the preparation and interpretation of National Environmental Policy instruments as well as the National Policy on Protection and Civil Defense.
  • Consultation services and drafting of expert opinions on topics related to environmental responsability, climate change and disaster law.
  • Analysis of the environmental legal viability of an enterprise or activity in relation to Brazilian law and jurisprudence.
  • Assistance in the preparation of government plans for environmental issues and disasters.
  • Advice on International Environmental Law, especially regarding climate change and the environment.
  • Delton Carvalho Environmental Law also have expertise in other areas of Environmental Law, such as preventive consulting having recognized performance in civil, administrative and criminal litigation related to environmental issues.