Environmental Lawyer

Office of Environment Law

Delton Carvalho Environmental Law consists of a firm of lawyers who work exclusively in the field of environmental law, marked by a technical advisory and specialised in customized service for customers and partners.

By using a concept of boutique office in environmental legal matters, the office conducts a focused consulting to real customer needs with cohesive and highly qualified staff.

Delton Carvalho

Ph.D in Environmental Law

Founding partner, attorney and legal expert in Environmental Law. Graduate from the Unisinos Law School (2000), Master`s degree (2002) and a Doctorate (2006) in Public Law at the same university. Post-Doctorate in Environmental Law and Disaster from the University of California, Berkeley, USA (2013). Professor of the Post-Graduate Program in Law - PPGDir at Unisinos (at the Master`s and Doctorate levels), coordinator and professor of the specialization course in Environmental Law at Unisinos. Guest lecturer of the specialization course in National and International Environmental Law at UFRGS / IDPV / AJURIS.