Looking to improve the prevenction of environmental crimes, the law firm Délton Carvalho Environmental Law provides consulting and analysis of possible scenarios, among those it’s highlighted:

  • Legal assessment of the competent agency to license and supervise economic activity, with the aim of preventing the judicialization of a given environmental issue and so as not to jeopardize the agility and legal certainty of enterprises and economic activities.
  • Development of strategies for adjustments to environmental regulation and adaptating to standards of environmental compliance, thereby assuring legal certainty to the various involved enterprises.(prevencao a crimes ambientais).
  • Implementing strategies for managing the legal and environmental hazards for the enterprise, adopting measures to ensure that environmental sustainability is compatible with legal certainty.
  • Anticipating scenarios of legal and environmental risks for prevenction of environmental crimes.(prevencao a crimes ambientais).
  • Filing of actions to declare invalid any notices of violation or administrative acts from environmental agencies as well as from the environmental police.
  • Delton Carvalho Environmental Law also have expertise in other areas of Environmental Law, such as damage and preventive consulting also on environmental responsibility.